Birkside (44)

Callout Date: 04/05/2024
Callout Time: 12:51 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Police

A mountain leader with a group came across a very cold 13 year old boy separated from his party in difficult weather conditions on Birkside. The ML put the boy in her bivvy shelter with two of her clients and then spent an hour searching for the rest of the boy’s group. Unable to find the boy’s party she contacted the police who then alerted Keswick MRT. The ML kindly assisted the boy down the path with the intention of meeting up with a Keswick team above Wythhburn. The party was met at the tree line and the boy found to be footsore but otherwise well. He was driven down the forest track to the car park, where the police spoke to him and the rest of the boy’s party who were waiting for him there.

8 team members – 2 hours 14 minutes

Barrow (43)
Langstrath/Dock Tarn (45)