Langstrath/Dock Tarn (45)

Callout Date: 05/05/2024
Callout Time: 11:40 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Langdale-Ambleside MRT

A walker was reported missing after failing to turn up at his accommodation as intended. Apparently he had left Langdale at approx. 4pm with a planned route into Langstrath and up to Dock Tarn before descending into Borrowdale. He was reported to have sent a text at 8:45pm from Dock Tarn.  As the area has poor mobile coverage it was not possible to contact the missing man. Small teams were dispatched to search the the paths along Langstrath and Dock Tarn, and Langdale-Ambleside MRT were contacted to prepare for a search in their area.

At 1.30am the police advised that a text had been received and that the man was at the Dungeon Ghyll Hotel in Langdale. The teams were stood down and got back to base at 2:15am.

11 team members – 2 hours 35 minutes

Birkside (44)
Rannerdale Knotts (46)