Blencathra – Sharp Edge (2)

Incident No: 2

Date: 5th January 2016

Time: 13.08

Location: Blencathra – Sharp Edge

Two male walkers, tackling Sharp Edge, slipped and fell into the top of the “usual gully”, one of them tumbling about 20 metres. Although he had taken a bang on the head, he was able to scramble part of the way back up, but both then became cragfast about 4-5 metres from the top. The Team turned out one vehicle immediately with another following, and some going direct. Once on scene, the gully was rigged ready extract the two casualties, and they were assisted to the lower path. They were then able to walk off the ridge without assistance. They were very fortunate, for Sharp Edge in wet weather is very slippery and polished, even when drying out, and there have been some serious and fatal incidents here.

18 Team members – 3 hour 56 minutes.


Esk Hause (1)
Blencathra – Halls Fell Ridge (3)