Blencathra – Halls Fell Ridge (3)

Incident No: 3

Date: 5th January 2016

Time: 17.03

Location: Blencathra – Halls Fell Ridge

As the previous incident was concluding, a further incident was raised. A lady walking with her partner became lost and cragfast  after attempting to descend from Blencathra, via halls Fell Ridge. Unfortunately the pair mistook what is locally known as “The Parachute Route” – the descent used by Bob Graham Round runners – for the top of the ridge, and in descending it, then found themselves in the very inhospitable area of Gategill. A small team went out and led them to safety through the heather covered scree back to the descent path, and then gave them a lift back to their car.

7 Team members – 3 hours 3 minutes


Blencathra – Sharp Edge (2)
Esk Hause (4)