Brown Cove Crags (6)

2015 006

Incident No: 6

Date: 22nd January 2015

Time: 11:07

Location: Brown Cove Crags

Incident Details: A lead climber fell 40m whilst winter climbing in a gully, and was held on his rope by his second. He suffered a serious open fracture to his lower leg, and was swinging on the end of his rope. The Team responded swiftly, sending two vehicles. The Great North Air Ambulance dropped off its paramedic at the scene, and then ferried some of the KMRT members up to the crag. They were then assisted by members of Kirkby Stephen MRT who had been at a practice in Brown Cove. The casualty was lowered to a stable vantage point, where he was splinted and then packaged into a Tyromont winching bag. He was airlifted off by a rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer, and flown to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.
18 members – 4 hours + 4 KSMRT, Great North Air Ambulance, RAF Boulmer rescue helicopter.

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