Great End (5)

2015 005

Incident No: 5

Date: 21st January 2015

Time: 20:24

Location: Great End

Incident Details: Two climbers failed to return after completing SE Gully on Great End. They texted to say that they were at Esk Hause, and one of them was very tired. The Team monitored the situation for a while, and then at 2300 mounted a search of the area with one of the Team’s search dogs and a small number of personnel. This failed to turn them up, and the search was stood down at 0500, to restart in the morning. As the Team and further search dogs were assembling, information came in from the police to say they had been found at the lower end of Eskdale.
17 members, Search Dog Team – 6 hours 34 minutes

Helvellyn (4)
Brown Cove Crags (6)