Brundholme Woods (02)

Incident No: 02
Date: 2nd January 2017
Time: 12:31
Location: Brundholme Woods
Incident Details: A 60 year old lady walking with a friend, slipped on an icy patch, and fell awkwardly. She suffered a fractured neck of femur, and a broken wrist. An NWAS paramedic was able to get close to the scene, and began treatment, and the Team Landrover managed to get all the way to her. Once the casualty had had some analgesia, she was splinted, and then lifted into the back seat of the Landrover, so she could be transported out of the difficult area to where an NWAS ambulance was waiting. She was then transferred to the ambulance, and taken off to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

7 Team members  – 1 hour 04 minutes.