Catbells (33)

Callout Date: 14/05/2019
Callout Time: 12:49 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, GNAAS

A 65 year old man started to feel unwell suffering from chest pains on arrival at the summit of Catbells. The team were called and approached from Littletown in Newlands Valley to give the quickest route up to the top. The Great North Air Ambulance was also called to attend in case an urgent evacuation was required. By chance an English nurse and two visiting doctors from Holland were also walking on Catbells and were able to comfort the patient and look after him as best as they could without any medical equipment. On arrival the team gave support to the helpers already there with appropriate treatment. The air ambulance arrived shortly after and after a failed attempt to land on the summit due to the uneven nature of the top managed to put down on a flat part of the ridge just south of the summit. The air ambulance team did an assessment and gave further treatment before we stretchered the man to the helicopter for transfer to Carlisle Infirmary.

Many thanks again to the nurse and the two Dutch doctors who gave invaluable help and comfort to the patient and his wife. Also thanks to the Great North Air Ambulance who were able to rapidly attend and transport the casualty to hospital.

15 team members – 2 hours 46 minutes

Old Coach Road, Thelkeld Knotts (32)
Hause Gate, Catbells (34)