Hause Gate, Catbells (34)

Callout Date: 18/05/2019
Callout Time: 12:57 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, NWAS

A 59 year old lady turned her ankle and was passing out whilst descending from Hause Gate, Catbells during a 3 peaks (Catbells, Walla Crag and Latrigg) event as part of the Keswick Mountain Festival. One of the festival medics, a Langdale MRT member, was quickly on the scene and did the necessary immediate medical checks. Keswick team arrived shortly after with medical and support material and equipment in case a stretcher carry was necessary. The only anomaly noted was a low blood sugar level and after some food, Lucozade and rest the lady was able to walk down with help from a couple of team members supporting to the road where an NWAS ambulance and team were waiting to check her over.

16 team members – 2 hours and 22 minutes

Catbells (33)
Ashness Bridge, Borrowdale (35)