Catbells (83)

Callout Date: 23/08/2023
Callout Time: 10:52 am
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, NWAA

On a lovely day (for a change), a 66 year old man tripped coming off the top of a fairly busy Catbells leading to a tumbling fall down the steep rocky slope resulting in a dislocated shoulder and cuts to his head. Keswick team deployed along with the North West Air Ambulance (NWAA Helimed 08). Unfortunately a technical difficulty with the helicopter meant its departure was delayed by 25 minutes. Team members arrived at the summit at the same time as Helimed 08 and the casualty was assessed and given pain relief. The man was then stretchered to the helicopter for transfer to Carlisle Hospital.

12 Keswick – 2 hours 48 minutes

Greenup Edge (82)
Glaramara (84)