Greenup Edge (82)

Callout Date: 13/08/2023
Callout Time: 8:20 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Penrith MRT, Coast Guard, NWAS

A couple on day 7 of a walking camping tour of the lakes were descending Greenup Edge when their dog, who was on a lead, went for a sheep causing the casualty to slip and injure his ankle, aggravating an old torn ligament injury. Unable to walk they called for help. Due to the location the team approached via the beautiful but interminable wet bog that is the Wythburn Valley. Anticipating a difficult carry out assistance was sought from the Penrith team who responded with 9 team members, many thanks to them. Fortunately for all Coast Guard helicopter R199 from Prestwick was available to pick up the casualty saving what would have been a very arduous stretcher carry. The casualty was dropped off at Crow Park in Keswick where he was assessed by the ambulance crew. The casualty’s partner and dog were walked off back to the vehicles at Steel End.

17 Keswick, 9 Penrith team members – 4 hours 32 minutes

Watendlath (81)
Catbells (83)