Great Gable area (109)

Incident No: 109

Date: 8th November 2015

Time: 17:32

Location: Great Gable and surrounding area

Incident Details: The Team, along with Cockermouth MRT, Wasdale MRT and a number of search dogs from Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs were called to search for a 71 year old man and his dog, who had become lost following the Remembrance Day service on Great Gable. The weather had been atrocious for much of the day, and he had texted his wife to say he was completely lost. Quite a lengthy period elapsed whilst team leaders tried to assess likely areas. Unfortunately, his car was not traced for some while, and the Teams had to make best guesses at the route he might have followed. Fortunately he was located in Ennerdale by a member of Cockermouth Team fairly swiftly after the Teams went out. Cockermouth team then returned him to his vehicle at the top of Honister Pass.

18 Team members + CMRT + Wasdale MRT + 6 search dog teams – 4 hours 5 minutes


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