Flood Response

Emergency Response 

Date: 14th – 15th November 2015

Time: 12:35

Location:  Cumbria flood areas

Incident Details: In preparation for potential serious flooding in various areas of the county, caused by Storm Abigail and its aftermath, the Team alerted its Swiftwater Rescue technicians, in preparation for a callout by the county’s Resilience Panel. With possibly 200mm of rain due to fall, assistance might have been needed to support other Teams such as Wasdale and Kendal, who were facing major flood emergencies. In the event, the Team’s skills were not called upon, as the weather proved slightly less problematic than envisaged. By lunchtime on Sunday, it was clear that the worst was past, and team members were stood down.





Great Gable area (109)
Derwentwater (110)