Central Fells (3)

Callout Date: 23/01/2018

The Team were requested to assist Wasdale MRT on the evening of the 14th, to search for a 28 year old man who had not returned from a walk up Scafell. The Team covered footpaths up to the Styhead Stretcher box, and Esk Hause, but there was no sign. Given the foul weather, the search was continued on a much larger scale on Tuesday, with 5 teams, a Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick, and search dogs involved. Keswick team, having been out the night before, covered other Teams’ areas for the day, whilst Wasdale, Duddon, Cockermouth, Kendal and Penrith teams continued the search. By nightfall, there was still no sign of the missing man, who had by now been out for 36 hours in really poor weather.

An area wide search was set up for Tuesday, with Wasdale as the Bronze command. 6 rescue teams, including an RAF team, and 11 search dogs from as far away as the North East and the Peak District came to assist.

Keswick Team were asked to mount another complete search of the crags around Scafell Pike itself, and then the top of Great End. A helicopter from Caernarfon was in process of lifting the first group up to Scafell, (Picture) when word came in that the missing man had been found near Scar Laithing in Eskdale, after a search dog party heard shouts for help. He had suffered injuries in a fall, and was flown to Furness General Hospital by Rescue 936 for treatment – but he was alive after 48 hours out in really foul weather. Details of his ordeal are not yet available, but his injuries are reported to relatively minor, considering the length of time he had been out, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

The Team stood down at 1130 am

14th/15th – 12 Team members + 2 search dogs – 5 hours 30 mins

16th – 22 Team members – 4 hour 30 minutes.

Nethermost Pike (2)
Lonscale Fell (04)