Combe Gill (102)

Callout Date: 02/12/2023
Callout Time: 2:45 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, GNAAS, Coastguard Helicopter R199

Three climbers from a fellow rescue team were climbing in Combe Gill (on Glaramara) when one slipped and fell, badly injuring his knee. He had also landed in the gill and so, immobile in fading light and dropping temperatures, the three climbers realised he was now at increased risk of hypothermia. Unable to get a mobile signal in that area, one of the climbers immediately started the long walk to the phone box at Seathwaite to call for help, while the third stayed with the casualty using additional kit to keep him warm.
Keswick team quickly made their way to the scene to assess how to extricate the casualty. Air Ambulance H58 from was also on hand but unfortunately could not land near to the casualty site and so had to return to base. The Coastguard helicopter had also been alerted and after refueling made its way to the area. Hovering above the site the Coastguard was able to drop a winchman, at the full extent of their cable, into the gill to allow an assessment of the casualty who was subsequently winched and airlifted to Cumberland Infirmary. In the meantime Keswick team rigged a rope rescue system to retrieve the third uninjured climber.
Many thanks to the Coastguard for their help with what would otherwise have been a very long and difficult stretcher carry with a cold casualty.
24 team members – 4 hours
Souther fell (101)
Sprinkling Tarn (103)