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Callout Date: 25/02/2018

A 55 year old male , walking with friends, slipped on ice and took tumbling fall, suffering a head injury. His companions bandaged his head and managed to stop the worst of the bleeding. He declared himself fit to walk, but as they neared Sty Head, he became unsteady, and the group stopped. In the meantime, the Team had mobilised swiftly and had enquired about the availability of an Air Ambulance. Initially this was thought unnecessary as he was a walking casualty. However, when the Team arrived on scene at the casualty , they discovered that his initial fall had been a 60m tumbling slide which ended with him colliding with a boulder at the foot of a snow slope ! He was treated at the scene , and the Team began evacuating him by stretcher towards Seathwaite. Fortunately, at this point, the Great North Air Ambulance became available, and the casualty was picked up and flown to the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.

18 Team members – 3 hours 52 minutes

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