Derwentwater (110)

Incident No: 110

Date: 15th November 2015

Time: 16:16

Location:  Derwentwater

Incident Details: Whilst the Team had been expecting a callout resulting from the flooding, what it actually got was a call to a sailing incident, reported by a member of the public. She phoned police to report a dinghy sailor who had been thrown out of his boat near Derwent Isle in very windy conditions, and didn’t seem to be able to get back in. Fortunately, a training session for Swiftwater Technicians was taking place in base, so mobilisation was swift. Given that darkness was imminent, the Team immediately despatched members to spot the incident, and a team was prepared to use one of the local marina’s rescue boats to go to his assistance. However, the spotters reported no sign of anyone in the water, and that the original informant had since seen him back in the boat headed for one of the marinas. Within minutes, another Team member from the other side of the lake was able to confirm that the victim had landed safely, and left for home. The Team then stood down.

10 Team members – 30 minutes.


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