Foule Crag (39)

Incident No: 39

Date: 16th June 2017

Time: 16:20

Location: Foule Crag, Blencathra

Incident Details:  A young couple left their campsite at Troutbeck, and climbed Blencathra via Halls Fell Ridge. Their intended route was to descend via Scales Fell, but in the thick mist, they managed to overshoot, and mistakenly  began to descend Foule Crag towards Sharp Edge. On reaching the end of the runnels, they were confronted with the tricky move across to the edge, and decided to see if they could escape it by moving to their left. In doing so, they got further and further into the difficulties that make up Foule Crag, and eventually came to a stop when they realised they had no clue where they were, and could not progress up or down. The Team mobilised swiftly to assist them, and decided to approach from the top of Blencathra, believing that they were still on the main route down towards Sharp Edge. Once contact had been made, the Team then rigged the route to recover them, and then walked them down to the Team vehicles at Mousthwaite Comb. One of the Team then gave them a lift back to their campsite, fortunately none the worse for their experience.

18 Team members – 3 hour 55 minutes.


Little Man (38)
Langstrath (40)