Grange – Allerdale Ramble (77)

Incident No: 77

Date: 30th August 2015

Time: 15:13

Location: Grange in Borrowdale – Allerdale Ramble

Incident Details: As the previous incident was getting under way, a second call came in for a mountain biker, who had come off his bike in what is known as the Graveyard section of the Allerdale Ramble. He had gone over the handlebars. The second lead vehicle was quickly mobilised, and two others attended direct from Rosthwaite. The casualty had suffered serious injuries to his leg and chest, and as a consequence a request was made for the air ambulance to attend. The Team doctor, and another doctor passing stabilised his pain, and then he was splinted, and carried up hill for 200m to the point where the aircraft had been able to land. He was flown to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment.

8 Team members – 2 hours 30minutes.

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