Great Gable (79)

Callout Date: 23/08/2018

An experienced 58 year old fell walker and his 12 year old grand daughter were dropped off at Seathwaite at the head of the Borrowdale Valley at 08:30 with the intention of climbing Great Gable. The man had previously done this route many times and he made an arrangement to rendezvous at Honister at 12:30 with his daughter, the girl’s mother. When they didn’t show up the daughter reported them as missing. Keswick sent teams to the main descent paths from Great Gable with two teams setting out from Honister including search dog ‘Bear’ and a further two teams covering the routes from Seathwaite. Cockermouth and Wasdale teams also had members on the hill searching their respective sides of the mountain. Conditions were not good with heavy rain showers, strong winds and a summit temperature on Great Gable of only 4 degrees. All teams were informed by radio and returned to base when the 2 persons turned up safe and well in the valley.
12 members – 4 hours and 10 minutes

Castle Crag (78)
Sprinkling Tarn (80)