Greenup Edge (71)

Incident No: 71
Date:  5th September 2016
Time: 12:09
Location: Greenup Edge
Incident Details: Two ladies, aged 73 and 61,  became lost in mist on the top of Greenup Edge whilst on the Coast to Coast route. They phoned the police and requested assistance. The Team sent a small group to locate them, and a Team member from Rosthwaite set off in advance. During a number of phone calls which were lost due to poor signal, Control was able to suggest a direction of travel to the two ladies, and in the meantime, Langdale Ambleside Team were asked to send a scouting group in case they had already crossed on to the Grasmere side. After some delay, their whistles were heard by the solo Keswick team member, who met them, and then handed them on to the Langdale team to be assisted down into Grasmere.
9 Team members  – 5 hours 14 minutes.

Whinlatter (70)
Grange to Rosthwaite path (72)