Grey Knotts (32)

Incident No: 32

Date: 12th May 2016

Time: 21:47

Location: Grey Knotts

As the Team were clearing up after their weekly practice, they were paged for a callout to a lady walking the Coast to Coast route with her husband. She had slipped and suffered a leg injury above Honister Youth Hostel, on the descent from Grey Knotts. As most of the Team were still at base, an immediate response was forthcoming, and 18 members set off to the top of Honister. The first members were on scene within 45 minutes, and the lady was splinted, given analgesia, and then stretchered down to Honister Mine. Here she was transferred to an NWAS ambulance for transfer to the Cumberland Infirmary. The Team notified the couple’s accommodation to ensure that they were aware, cleared up from the incident, and then stood down.

21 Team members – 2 hours 7 minutes.


Under Falcon Crag (31)
Ullscarf (33)