Ullscarf (33)

Incident No: 33

Date: 14th May 2016

Time: 13:39

Location: Near Ullscarf

A 67 year old gentleman, walking with a group, collapsed with a suspected heart attack. His colleagues began Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation at the scene immediately. The Team and Helimed 08 from Blackpool were mobilised swiftly, and one of the Team’s paramedics was on the hill within minutes from his home in Rosthwaite. However, the casualty location was a long way up the hill, and despite the swift arrival of the Air Ambulance, and the best efforts of all concerned, his life could not be saved. The Team undertook the Fatal Accident Protocol, and arranged with the Police to have the gentleman’s body flown down from the hill by the Air Ambulance. The Team then stood down and returned to base.

15 Team members – 3 hours 14 minutes.


Grey Knotts (32)
Latrigg (35)