Helvellyn (18)

Callout Date: 14/03/2018

The Team was paged to attend an incident where a 64 year old woman had slipped whilst descending, and then took a tumbling fall 50ft down a snowfield. She suffered possible back & pelvic injuries, a head laceration, a broken finger and numerous bruises and cuts. Initially she was looked after by an off duty ambulance man, and a Felltop Assessor, who were in the area at the time of the accident. This was in a location which we have visited on a number of occasions, as the path runs very close to the edge of the steep slope, and without the proper equipment it is very easy to slip. The Team was under way swiftly, and the first Team members were on scene within 52 minutes. The casualty was treated at the scene, and stretchered down to Swirls car park to rendezvous with an NWAS ambulance. Fortunately the Team was able to sledge the stretcher of a large part of the way, much to the relief of the ten team members who attended the scene. The casualty was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

13 members – 4 hours

The Fells remain in winter condition with compacted snow on paths and snow patches being hard and very slippery. Without crampons and an ice axe, your chances of coming to grief are high. The wind today at high level was about 60 mph and temperatures continue to be around freezing which, with the windchill, makes things very serious. We take no pleasure in coming out to folk who are unprepared and ill equipped.
For more detailed information please visit http://www.lakedistrictweatherline.co.uk

Helvellyn (17)
Thirlmere (19)