Thirlmere (19)

Callout Date: 16/03/2018

A group of walkers called for assistance, after a 65 year old lady in the party suffered an ankle injury. Although a grid reference had been supplied with the initial information, this did not tie up with the description of where the group were, so it was a few minutes before we could make contact to clarify the location. The Team then responded, but as this was an area which had been hit by the winds in the “Beast from the East” storm, there were many trees down, and after a short way into the forest, the vehicles had to stop. From there on , it was on foot to the casualty site just below Raven Crag. The patient was then evacuated back to one of the Team Sprinters, and then driven down to her husband’s car, so she could be taken to hospital.

16 Team members – 2 hours 26 minutes

Helvellyn (18)
Helvellyn (20)