Helvellyn (4)

Incident No: 4

Date: 17th January 2015

Time: 16:08

Location: Helvellyn

Incident Details: Patterdale MRT requested assistance as they had two simultaneous incidents, and half of their Team was away winter training in Scotland. Both incidents involved fallers from Swirral Edge, with serious injuries resulting in one case. Keswick team immediately mobilised one Land Rover with 5, and a Sprinter with another 5. RAF Leeming MRT and Penrith MRT also responded, and an RAF Sea King was mobilised from Boulmer in Northumberland. One casualty with serious injuries was airlifted to the Cumberland Infirmary by the Sea King. Another was brought down to Patterdale Base by a Keswick vehicle.
14 members – 5 hours 52 minute

Helvellyn (3)
Great End (5)