Helvellyn (57)

Incident No: 57
Date: 6th August 2017
Time: 16:55
Location: Helvellyn
Incident Details: The Team received a request to assist Patterdale MRT with a possible evacuation of hypothermia cases from Helvellyn, in poor visibility and rain. Initially this group appeared to number 8, but was revised down to 4 foreign nationals, and some walkers who were assisting. RAF Leeming team were also alerted to this rescue, and joined up with Keswick at Swirls car park. The Team initially mustered at base, and went out to Swirls ready to go up. But in the meantime, a Coastguard AW189 helicopter from Prestwick was requested, and this was able to fly in to pick up the casualties, and evacuate them to the Cumberland Infirmary. The Team was therefore stood down.

10 Team members – 2 hours

Barf (56)
Force Crag (58)