Helvellyn (7)

Incident No: 7

Date: 12th February 2016

Time: 12:39

Location: HelvellynIncident Details: A young man phoned the police for help saying he was stuck on steep icy ground on Helvellyn, but with no clear position. The Team were alerted but because the mobile signal kept dropping out, they were unable to pin down where exactly he might be. Eventually after a number of abortive attempts to make contact, a small team, including a search dog, set out to Swirls to see if he could be located. After an hour, we received information that he had in fact managed to self rescue and continue with his route, but no-one had thought to inform the Team. The Team stood down after making sure that his safe arrival in Grasmere was notified to police.

12 Team members – 2 hour 19 minutes.


Castle Crag (6)
High Spy (8)