Helvellyn (91)

Incident No: 51
Date: 6th December 2017
Time: 15:44
Location: Great Gable
Incident Details: The Team received an alert from Patterdale MRT referring to a couple lost on Helvellyn in gathering darkness. From their enquiries, Patterdale had established that the mispers were on the Keswick side of the hill, so a small group was sent down towards the south end of the Helvellyn range. Within a very short space of time, they were located above the forest margin close to Birkside Gill, having lost the footpath coming off towards Wythburn church. Team members escorted them off down to the road and gave them a lift to their car.

14 Team members – 1 hour 58 minutes.

Bowderstone Pinnacle area (90)
Taylor Gill Force, Seathwaite (92)