Honister (81)

Incident No: 81
Date: 20th October 2017
Time: 15:49
Location: Honister to Borrowdale Road
Incident Details: A cyclist was reported as having come off his bike, but it was unclear whether this was on road, or on the old track that runs down to the Glaramara hostel. An air ambulance and a road ambulance had been tasked to the job, but were obviously going to be some time. As there were facial injuries involved, the Team set off with 5, and got as far as the Bowderstone, when it was reported that the casualty had been taken to Keswick Hospital in a passing car! At this point, our involvement ceased, and the vehicle returned to base.

8 Team members – 41 minutes

Blencathra (80)
Esk Hause (82)