Lingy Bank (56)

Callout Date: 27/06/2018

A 71 year old lady walking with friends slipped as she descended from the Allerdale Ramble to Rosthwaite. She suffered a possible fracture dislocation of her left ankle. The team took two vehicles of members and parked at New Bridge, Rosthwaite, and found the casualty 10 minutes up the path. A team paramedic gave her analgesia and then attempted to reduce the dislocation but was not able to. As an air ambulance or a land ambulance were not immediately available, the decision was made to stretcher her down to our team Sprinter and transport her to Keswick hospital bu which time NWAS were able to meet up and transport her to Carlisle Infirmary.

11 team members plus 1 Kirkby Stephen team member who was in Rosthwaite – 2 hour 24 minutes

Catbells (55)
Barf (57)