Nitting Haws (69)

Callout Date: 19/07/2023
Callout Time: 2:56 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, NWAS

A walker became stuck on scree descending Nitting Haws when her dog was scared by moving stones. The team assembled and had just set off up Borrowdale only to get word that the woman and dog were back on safe ground. The vehicle was turned around. On arrival back at the base a small group of people were gathered around a 79 year old woman,┬ánear the (not so lucky) wishing well, who had tripped and fallen bashing her forehead and nose. The team cleaned her wounds, bandaged her up and provided a chair so she was comfortable until the ambulance arrived. Could this be the rescue that’s closest to the base ever?

11 team members – 29 minutes

Sty Head Rescue Box (68)
Doddick Fell, Blencathra (70)