Piers Gill (19)

Callout Date: 29/02/2024
Callout Time: 7:00 am
Agencies Involved: Various Lakes MRT teams, Coastguard Helicopter, GNAAS

Wasdale team requested support on a search for a missing man in the Scafell Pike area. Various teams responded and Keswick was tasked with the main paths from Seathwaite up to Esk Hause and on to Great End and Broad Crag. At Esk Hause we were alerted to a ‘find’ by the Cockermouth team in Piers Gill and were asked to support their efforts on a rope rescue extraction.

It seems the man may have taken a wrong turn down Piers Gill and injured himself after a fall whilst in the gill. He was fortunate for his shouts to be heard by Cockermouth team who were ascending the rim of the deep gill.

After the man was hauled out the Coastguard helicopter made several attempts to airlift the man but had to abort due to low cloud. The least difficult evacuation was a stretcher carry up over Lingmell Col to Helimed 58 who had managed to land on the grassy slopes of Lingmell.

9 hours 30 minutes

Castlehead (18)
Styhead Pass (20)