Styhead Pass (20)

Callout Date: 01/03/2024
Callout Time: 7:05 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Wasdale MRT, RAF MRS

A party of five set off from Seathwaite to ascend Scafell Pike via Sty Head and Esk Hause. Two turned back but the rest continued to the summit. On the descent down the Corridor Route they called for assistance when it became dark and falling snow made progress difficult. It was then reported that one of the group was unconscious. Wasdale MRT deployed and asked for assistance from Keswick. RAF Mountain Rescue support was also requested. Further contact was made and the group were now heading towards Styhead Pass, although it took some time to clarify whether the unconscious person was with them. Fortunately he had recovered and was with the group. A couple of men camping at Styhead Tarn heard shouts from the group, and to their great credit, escorted the men down towards Seathwaite where they were met by Keswick MRT on their way up. Two Keswick team members continued with the group down to their car at Seathwaite whilst the others were alerted to the next call out.

13 team members – 5 hours 12 minutes


Piers Gill (19)
Central Fells (21)