Rossett Ghyll (60)

Callout Date: 19/08/2019
Callout Time: 7:00 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Langdale and Ambleside MRT

Keswick team were alerted to a missing 15 year old boy somewhere above the Langdale Valley but with the possibility that he may have strayed onto our patch at the top of Borrowdale. The boy had been walking with his family and aiming to descend back to Langdale from Stake Pass. It seems the boy who was wandering alone at the front missed the turn off and kept walking. His family on reaching the correct descent path searched for an hour before calling for rescue team help. Langdale and Ambleside started from their side whilst a sprinter full of Keswick team members drove to the campsite at Stonethwaite to help in the search. In pouring rain Keswick team split with half heading up Langstrath and the rest up Greenup Ghyll with a view to covering the paths at the top of each valley. We were very relieved to receive a stand down message shortly after setting off, the boy had been found descending Rossett Ghyll.

15 team members – 1 hour 30 minutes

High Rigg (59)
Barf (61)