Sharp Edge, Blencathra (50)

Callout Date: 17/06/2022
Callout Time: 12:40 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Penrith MRT

The team received a report of a labrador that had fallen some distance off the Scales Tarn side of Sharp Edge. The dog’s owner as well as a couple of Penrith MR team members, who were in the area, went to assist and improvised a stretcher to carry the dog down to the path. Keswick team met the party as the rain started and stretchered the dog down to the car park. From here the owner took the dog to the veterinary practice at Cockermouth for further checks and treatment.

10 Keswick team members + 2 Penrith team members – 2 hours


Shepherd’s Crag (49)
Seathwaite (51)