Skiddaw (69)

Incident No: 68
Date: 31st August 2016
Time: 16:27
Location: Jenkin Hill, Skiddaw
Incident Details: A 27 year old man slipped and fell, injuring his ankle, which meant he was unable to walk. Initially, the details the Team received for the incident were very sketchy, and it took a while to get a clear idea of where the casualty was. ( A good case for having a grid reference rather than trying to describe it!) Once underway, the Team were swiftly on scene, and the casualty was treated and carried/sledged down to the Gale Road car park at the foot of Latrigg’s upper slopes. He was then taken off to hospital by one of his friends.
13 Team members  – 1 hour 46 minutes.

Grains Gill (67)
Raven Crag, Thirlmere (68)