Winter training Cairngorm Jan 2022

Having missed out on our usual winter training due to Covid in 2021 the team was champing at the bit to get some good Scottish winter experience. Having done a lot of theoretical and practical training sessions on avalanches and hypothermia at the base in Keswick it was time to put that knowledge to good use in proper mountains in good winter conditions and alongside other Lakes teams. That was the theory anyway!

We stayed as usual in Badaguish Outdoor Centre near Glenmore Lodge alongside team members from Cockermouth, Penrith and Patterdale. Conditions were unfortunately rather lean with regard to snow cover and combined with the arrival of two named storms and hurricane force winds meant that access to the hills was limited and our intended training was curtailed. Nevertheless we did get out to practice some winter skills as much as we could without putting ourselves or others into any danger. A good time and some very memorable moments (notably in the Pine Martin!) was had by all.