Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Blea Tarn Path (51)
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Blea Tarn Path (51)

Blea Tarn Path (51)

Incident No: 51
Date: 20th July 2017
Time: 12:47
Location: Blea Tarn to Watendlath path
Incident Details: A 71 year old lady, walking with a group, turned ankle and was unable to weight bear. The Team set off to Watendlath with two vehicles full of personnel. The casualty was treated at the scene, and then stretchered on to Watendlath. There the Team met up with the NWAS ambulance, which took the lady on to Keswick Cottage Hospital for further assessment and treatment. The Team then returned to base.
14 Team members – 2 hours 31 minutes

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