Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Whinlatter Forest (73)
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Whinlatter Forest (73)

Whinlatter Forest (73)

Incident No: 73
Date: 30th September 2017
Time: 14:55
Location: Whinlatter Forest (Red Mtn Bike route S)
Incident Details: A 38 year old male fell from his mountain bike, and suffered a head injury, in a location which we visit fairly frequently. The Team responded with a single vehicle, whilst others went direct, and Control enquired as to the availability of an air ambulance. In the event, once the Team arrived, the NWAS ambulance was already on scene. The Team were fortunately not required as the NWAS crew had already assessed and were treating the patient. The Team then stood down.
13 Team members – 1 hour 32 minutes.

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