Cat Bells (78)

Incident No: 78
Date: 15th October 2017
Time: 14:39
Location: Cat Bells
Incident Details: A lady walking with her partner, suffered a serious ankle injury, and was unable to weight bear. Given that the Team were shorthanded due to the previous incident, a small team of 5 set off to Skelghyll, and drove the track down to Yewthwaite Mines. From here they were able to get on scene quickly, and a further 3 Team members joined them. The lady was given analgesia, her leg splinted, and she was then stretchered down to the Landrover, and driven to the roadhead. There she was loaded into an NWAS ambulance, and taken to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

9 Team members – 2 hours 12minutes

Central Fells (77)
Sty Head path (79)