Little Man (76)

Incident No: 76
Date: 17th September 2016
Time: 12:32
Location:  Little Man summit
Incident Details: A 16 year old female fell runner collapsed after completing a fell race, and became unresponsive. The Team sent a Landrover as an initial response, whilst requesting the assistance of an Air Ambulance, given the distance from the road and the possible serious nature of the incident. Fortunately the Great North Air Ambulance was able to be airborne right away, as the Landrover was delayed by 10 – 15 minutes by thoughtless parking along the single track Gale Road, by spectators and competitor supporters. Once up to the car park, the Team then set off for the casualty site, as  a back up to the helicopter. Fortunately, the helicopter crew were able to muster enough people to assist them in loading the casualty aboard the helicopter, and she could then be flown to hospital for treatment. The Team then stood down.
8 Team members  – 1 hour 58 minutes.

Barf (75)
Dodd (77)