Manesty (61)

Incident No: 61
Date: 14th August 2017
Time: 18:36
Location: Edge of Derwentwater, nr Manesty
Incident Details: A 56 year old lady, walking with a companion, slipped on a wet rock slab, fell and badly broke her wrist. North West Ambulance Service requested the Team’s assistance as it was off road. The initial information was vague, and although the Team followed up on the clues, ┬áit took a quite few minutes to locate the casualty, with two halves of the Team approaching from different directions in persistent rain. Once on scene, the Team got the casualty into shelter, administered analgesia, and then splinted the wrist. The casualty was then stretchered across the meadow to the caravan site, which was the nearest route to the road. There was then some delay in the arrival of an ambulance to take the casualty to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment, so by the time we left, everyone – and every bit of kit – was soaked through.
13 Team members – 1 hour 54 minutes.

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