Skiddaw (Alert)

Incident No:  Alert
Date: 12th February 2017
Time: 13:40
Location: Skiddaw
Incident Details: A man descending from the summit of Skiddaw in poor visibility, lost contact with 3 companions, and was then blown off the path by a strong gust of wind. He was not injured but was uncertain as to his location. A SARLOC text was sent to his phone, and we were then able to ascertain that he was either close to or at Carlside Col. He was given directions to walk down, and the Team then contacted him again after a short period to ensure he was all right. After 20 minutes, he reported himself below the cloud, and that he could now make his own way down. Team members who had stood by then stood down.


Stonethwaite (7)
Bowder Stone area (08)